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Finally…the map!

April 6, 2009
Mor Aldenn, the City of Mages!

Mor Aldenn, the City of Mages!

William MacAusland just delivered the map…absolutely wondrous and amazing! I’ve stared at the map for hours now, and I just seem to find new things that I hadn’t seen before, and for christ sake… I created the original map!

I wont post a map in a real size yet, but it will come, just have to develop the city a little more… however, I will show you a few details… lets start with the overall map!

You can see a slightly better version here;


 Cartography by William McAusland



Barrowdelve map

April 5, 2009
The first level of the Barrowdelve

The first level of the Barrowdelve

I’ve been playing around with the Barrowdelve map for days, trying to find a cool and interesting design.

I’m one of those people who likes that a dungeon “makes sense”, that it has a story behind it, and that it makes sense that there is a nest of bats inside a locked 10×10 room.

As a DM I want to know who created the corridors, who built the mighty halls, traps and who decided that it would be a good idea with iron-fortified doors instead of its simpler wooden cousin.

The Barrowdelve is going to make sense, but that certainly doesn’t mean that its going to be a boring place… no, its going to be a place of magic, history, undead and with a connection to something far older than Mor Aldenn, something hidden deep within the earth. Something related to the Trelmyrean Archwizards…

It’s been hinted before, that there was something on the island before the city of mages…

Anyways, I’ll get back to that at a later time.

Valthor of Calathia

March 16, 2009

Mor Aldenn is not just a home of wizards and sorcerers. You’ll find lots of other great personalities, heroes and adenturers here as well, like the naive Mayor Oswin, the secretive innkeeper Yargus Tem, the odd diviner Grey and the powerhungry Lord Balsadarus.

Prince Valthor of Calathia is one of these important persons that help define Mor Aldenn as more than just a magehome.

16 years ago, a feud shattered the royal family of Calathia, driving Prince Valthor north to the City of Mages. All Valthor took from his childhood home was a magical demonslaying greatsword (his legacy) that he offered to the mages in return for their guidance and friendship. That blade can be found somewhere within the Tower of All-Magic, though few know its exact location. Valthor does not consider this blade his own, but have promised the mages that he will wield it again if they ask it of him.

Prince Valthor has made Mor Aldenn his home and sanctuary, creating a strong, if small, fighters’ guild. Here, he is one of three guildmasters, though Prince Valthor founded the guild on his own. All members give Valthor the respect that he deserves, and while he would never call himself the leader of the guild, the others will.

Some call Prince Valthor a knight and lord, but he would never call himself that. Valthor is a prince no longer, but a simple fighter with a great and compasisonate heart. He is brave and valorous beyond compare and those who claim membership in the guild, do so because of him.

About the Fighters’ Guild

The guild offers a blade and a shield to those who truly needs it. They would never join an army or even a warband, instead they guard shops, slay beasts, helps caravans, yes anything that requires a sword, a shield and a valorous heart.

A member of the fighters’ guild is no crude warrior, but a virtuous fighter who follow the codex of the guild, as set forth and signed by the three guildmasters. 

Designer’s Note

Also, I imagine that the guildhall, where you can always (or at least, most of the time) find Prince Valthor and most guildmembers, looks like the house below.


March 14, 2009

A house in Mor Aldenn

A house in Mor Aldenn

Aye, thats me house over there, by the big red oak. Just last week I repaired the front door. It was starting to creak, but I could live with that, until me wife started to complain! Sorry, I haven’t got a room for ye, my friend, but try the Gloating Giant, there’s always a few rooms to rent, or so I hear.


 – Gorick Thalmis, owner of Gorick’s Emporium 


Most people in Mor Aldenn own their homes and take great pride in this ownership. They work hard and make sure that repairs are made every year, or even every month. If you are lucky, you can find a small apartment to rent, or even a single room, but while you wait for such a fortunate opportunity, you better rent a room at one of the six inns.

In Mor Aldenn you’ll find that most buildings have more than one story. Most live in two storey buildings, but you’ll find some that has up to three stories. Most houses has a small cellar as well and perhaps a small shed out back, in their garden. Its also quite ordinary to have a small balcony that overlooks the street, or even better, the river, if possible.

Gardens are very common in Mor Aldenn, often surrounded by a simple hedge or a low stone wall. A few gardens, like the one of the alchemist, Jordrick Runsen, is surrounded by a tall stone wall, making it impossible to se what secrets the garden hides. Some have their garden in front of their home, but mostly, you’ll find it behind the building.

Shops are found on the ground floor of most houses, though some can be found on the second floor as well. They have glass windows displaying some of the goods and beautiful intricate signs hanging outside. Moraldenns know how to sell their goods. Shopowners often live on the second floor.

Elven craftsmanship

For as long as their have been a city here, at the converging rivers, there have been elves as well. Their exquisite craftsmanship have made its impact upon the city and nowadays, you’ll find lots of houses, and even a few mage towers, like the incredible Tower of Enchantment, that bears their mark.

Some humans have tried to learn the craft of the elves, but somehow, they never quite succeed. A house created by the elves is often twice as expensive as any other house.


There is only one true mansion in all of Mor Aldenn, and this is the mayor’s mansion. It is located on one of the southern isles, connected to the rest of the city, by a beautiful elven bridge. Some of the larger houses around the city could actually be called mansions or manors, but moraldenns would never do that. The mayor’s mansion have at least 15 rooms, a few kitchens, a large stable and a beautiful courtyard with a circle of old trees. Its a sight to behold, which is probably why the mayor rarely leaves it. Below one of the towers, the barrack tower, you’ll find a small prison. This is not the only prison around town, but the one mostly in use.

Art by the Forge Studios (

The Ugly Harpy

March 12, 2009

Kobolds? Aye, that’ll be the Ugly Harpy that you be looking for. Why that man puts up with them, I dont know, but one day the mages will put it to him straight. Just last night they started a bigbrawl, sending half the city to the healers. You think I’m exaggerating? Well, go look for yourself then!

– Crent the Boatsman


This is the seediest inn that you’ll find in Mor Aldenn. It isn’t that its in disrepair or anything, but if you are looking for a bar brawl, this is where to find it. It doesn’t happen every day, though. This means that the chairs and tables have been repaired a certain number of times, mostly because the proprietor, Yargus Tem is a greedy bastard.

The Ugly Harpy is a large inn, but even though, there is only 10 rooms for rent. Half of these are double rooms, and all of them have windows and contains simple furniture. Two of these rooms are found on the first floor, and the rest you’ll find upstairs on the second floor. The common room is large with round tables. The bar is at the far end, displaying all the expensive and colorful bottles on a pair of shelves. During the day light streams through the windows, but at night you’ll find candles and lamps lit on each table chasing away the shadows. There is a small plateau to the left of the front door, where bards and musicians have played in the past. Yargus Tem, the proprietor, doesn’t pay them much, and so few, if any, stop by the Ugly Harpy to perform and entertain these days. This doesn’t mean that the inn is quiet, far from it, the customers are often singing and dancing, especially during the late hours.


Yargus Tem, proprietor of the Ugly Harpy

Yargus Tem is secretly the guildmaster of the Guild, which is probably why he always keep at least one guard on watch at the inn and at his private residence out back. If you are a member of the Guild, you  can easily identify the other members at the inn, but to outsiders and ignorant commoners, this inn seem legitimate enough. Nothing illegal is going on here, which isn’t exactly true. Guild meetings, though, are always held at the private residence, and not very often. The thieves have a certain language that only they use, a sort of code language.

Yargus really likes Mor Aldenn, and will probably never move, unless forced by a stronger force than his own guild. The city is prosperous and the mages doesn’t seem to care that much for laws, at least not those that would govern a city. All Yargus needs to do, is keep out of their affairs and they will keep out of his. Mostly, the Guild pry on travelling merchant caravans, travellers and other outsiders. There are other, smaller gangs of thieves in Mor Aldenn, but none of them is a threat to Yargus and so he leaves them alone, at least for now!


Other Thieves

Among the members of the Guild, you’ll find people such as Hadorc the Lazy, Rolloth, Thallion the Tailor and the infamous alchemist, Jordick Runsen. The latter is also, perhaps, the only true friend that Yargus Tem has in the city. The two often share a mug of ale over a game of Two Fingers and the Maiden

A known secret about Jordick Runsen. He is not just an alchemist, he is also a capable poisoner with lots of poisonous flowers in his walled garden. He is also a loner and have never taken a wife. He does, however, enjoy the occasional company of one of Yargus Tem’s many whores.

Glossary added…to your right!

March 11, 2009

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve added a glossary to the right in the second column. It really worked to have a glossary in the Crown setting book, so why not start early and update it as we go along.

Feel free to correct me (by leaving a comment) if you find any inconsistencies!

Mayor Oswin Theodorick

March 11, 2009

Aye, Mayor Oswin is a good man, if a bit simple. Don’t ask me how he learned that Thallion was innocent, but the mages seem to agree with him, which must mean that he is right. If you are interested in his craftsmanship, I have a good chair at home that he created years ago. Last I heard, Oswin had started making chairs again…

– Crent the Boatsman


Four years ago, the old mayor of Mor Aldenn died while visiting friends in one of the northern villages. His party was attacked by a group of young hill giants and, sadly, the mayor was not the only one to lose his life; several of his mage advisors died as well. The city needed a new mayor and so the mages started looking for one.

Who is to say what the mages are looking for when they search for a mayor. Perhaps they want someone wise, just, valorous, popular, charismatic, intelligent, or perhaps they just want some naive and stupid. Either way, this time it took the mages 12 whole days and nights to find the right man for the job. In the past there have been times when the mages had to find their mayor outside the city, but this time they settled on a human carpenter named Oswin Theodorick.

Oswin lived a quiet life in the southern part of Mor Aldenn, making tables, chairs and even houses for the moraldenns. He was married to a stout woman named Kaelene, or rather, he is still married to Kaelene, and together they have four children. Mayor Oswin is a caring, if slightly naive man, who loves his family and his craft. He thought long and hard about taking the job, but how could he deny the mages?

In the beginning, being mayor was hard work, even harder than being a craftsman. There was much to be learned and long meetings to be held with the mages, but he quickly learned about all the benefits. His family would never starve, nor would they ever be in any real danger with the Aldenic Guard watching over them. Servants, magic, advisors, gifts and lots of other things quickly became part of Mayor Oswin’s new life. Sometimes his family loves this life more than he does, but in the recent years, the mayor has found time to ply his old craft. He doesn’t need to sell his work, having everything he needs, but occasional does.

Being mayor does give Oswin some responsibilities that he can’t get out of, like being High Judge. Most of the times, the moraldenns take their complaints to the mages, but sometimes the complainers are referred to the mayor. One would think that these were minor case, but alas, they are not. Recently the mayor had to judge whether or not an elven tailor had killed his partner. The city seemed to think so, but after hearing a large number of statements, the High Judge declared the innocence of the tailor.

Mage Advisors

The most renowned of the mayor’s mage advisors is perhaps Master Balsadarus, a not-very-talented wizard. Balsadarus would never have gained any kind of power with the guild, but when the Masters asked him to serve the mayor, the wizard did not hesitate. He now lives at the mansion, along with plenty other servants, but he is no ordinary servant. In fact, rumors say that Balsadarus is the true puppeteer behind the mayor, making all the important decisions. This last year, though, has been slightly different. An elven lady named Selyssa Fadhyra became another of the mayor’s advisors. She opposes Balsadarus in almost every decision that he makes and the mayor finds it hard to be around both at the same time.