The Project

Here is a little overview of the project, as I see it right now;

  • Create a new Urban Setting: I want to create a new setting, another city, but not like my previous setting, Crown. It’ll be a small city, much smaller than Crown, and with a uniqueness, hopefully. This city has lots of adventures and secrets in it, both above, below and surrounding it.
  • Create a Magical Place: I love magic, and wizards. The Pathfinder RPG is really spellcaster-friendly and so I wanted to create a place where magic played a large part and was friendly to wizards (and sorcerers).
  • Create a Community: This may be the greatest challenge and one that I have to abandon at some point, but yes, I really want to create a community around the city; a community that will (in time) help me expand and create the city. I will, of course, create the foundation of this community first and then it can live a life of its own.
  • Create Adventures: I’ve always wanted to write a adventure, but in my own way, not because some company dictates a special way of writing an adventure. As I write and thinks about Mor Aldenn, I am always looking and searching for unique adventure hooks that might spark a real adventure.

2 Comments on “The Project”

  1. James P Says:

    I just bought all the stuff over on RPGNow – I love stuff in general but I was definitely drawn to William McAusland. Then I saw what I can only hope is a Pathfinder reference and I was in.

    Now that I have it I’m impressed and intrigued – I can’t wait for more!

    • cityofmages Says:

      Hi James, thank you for joining the Mor Aldenn community!

      Glad to hear that you like it so far. Yeah, William McAusland did a wonderful job on that map, his first real top-down city map, a real collaboration. The coloring, however, was done by Jonathan Roberts.

      You are right, that was a Pathfinder reference. Once we hit August 13th, I will start ptoducing mechanics for the setting, but you have to wait a little bit longer for the first real adventure. For that, I need the Bestiary.

      Check out the forums,, I’ve already begun dabbling with the crunch of the setting.

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