II. Timeline

The following is a brief and (hopefully) informative timeline of the history of Mor Aldenn. The history of the city is, of course, more detailed than this, but this will give you a small overview.

Also, when reading the timeline, its assumed that year 0 is the current date.


-362/The night hag of the Spindlewood Marshes is defeated by an alliance of human wizards and elven sorcerers. For a time the forest found peace and the hag withdrew deep into her marshlands, also known as the Crimson Lands.

Its also a known fact that the alliance travelled through the lands where Mor Aldenn now lies to get to the Spindlewood Marshes.

-358/A green dragon named Tharaathalorm, finds an island in the middle of Ossindrillon, far away from her sworn enemies, the elves of Ossindil. She makes a nest among the ancient trees and soon her eggs hatches.

-353/Five years after the green dragon hatched her young wyrmlings, a group of humans discover the nest. The largest of the wyrmlings is slain, but the humans manage to bring the rest with them to Ossindil where they sell them to the elven wizards.

When Taraathalorm finally returns, she is enraged to find one of her wyrmlings murdered and the rest stolen. She smells humans, but suspect that the elves are behind the theft. She sends her minions against the elven city, who successfully destroys a few villages and towns on their way to the elven capital.

-350/A group of humans and elves from Ossindrillon travels to the island where Taraathalorm resides. They attack during the night and successfully slay the green dragon. The heroes bring back a dragonstone, taken from the chest of Taraathalorm, as proof of their deed. This dragonstone is later named the Emerald Heart and is, to this day, still in the elves possession.

-342/Adventurers and explorers travel to the island, hoping to see the place where Taraathalorm died. They also find a few ancient ruins, among them a tower on a small isle south of the main island. A settlement springs forth, that soon grows into a small village. This year is the official founding year of Mor Aldenn.

-338/Human and elven mages create the first tower in Mor Aldenn. They name it the Tower of All-Magic, home of the Mage Guild.

-308/Mor Aldenn has grown into a small town of 1300 inhabitants. The night hag has regained her full strength and seeks out her old adversaries. One of these wizards now live in Mor Aldenn, and the night hag launches an attack on the town. A war errupts.

0/Present day.


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