About me


My name is K. Axel Carlsson, a wanderman, writer, game designer, teacher, DM and player. And yes, that K stands for Kenneth!

As this is a Game Design Blog, let me tell you a little about the companies that I’ve worked with. I started writing for Adamant Entertainment, then hooked up with Dark Quest Games. DQG has received my very best and dedicated work, but amongst other companies that I’ve also worked with; Reality Deviants, Green Ronin (through Reality Deviants), The Forge Studios, Tricky Owlbear Publishing. Mongoose Publishing have also published some of my work, but not directly, through the OGL.

Amongst my greatest achievements is the urban setting called Crown, the City of the Fallen. This setting was published through Dark Quest Games, and even have a line of shortstories which may interest the reader.


My Design Credits (In Chronological Order):

Monsters of Illusion* (Reality Deviant Publications)

Dread Codex II: The Necromancer’s Tome** (Adamant Entertainment)

True20 Worlds of Adventure (Green Ronin)

Blood Throne: The Survivor’s Guide to the Age of Blood (Reality Deviant Publications)

Rings of Power  (The Forge Studios)

Grimoire: Enchantment** (Dark Quest Games)

Crown: City of the Fallen** (Dark Quest Games)

Blood Throne: Escape from Thel-Kadra (Reality Deviants Publications)

Behind the Monsters: Barghest (Tricky Owlbear Publishing)

Renegade Wizard’s Spellbook (Mongoose Publishing)

Renegade Cleric’s Tome (Mongoose Publishing)


And then there’s all the Headless Hydra Games’ products, but I’m not going to list all those… yet!


* Available from the Grand OGL Wiki

** No longer available


3 Comments on “About me”

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. Hi Axel

    Great to find your writings online.
    (I was doing a google search for myself and found your promo on Wanderman’s Realm, thanks for that, if I haven’t already said it at the time.)
    I enjoy your ideas, which for some reason always put me directly into an adventuring mood. Without being particularly avant-garde, which in my opinion is for the better, they have an air of legend and mystery to them, which makes one want to explore further.
    I’ll be coming back here to read more.

    Good luck with everything.


  3. cityofmages Says:

    Hey Marc!

    Thanks for popping by, and…what a coincidence 🙂 With Mor Aldenn, I’m going for a real fantasy setting, not very realistic. If you’ve ever read any of the Ethshar books by Lawrence Watt-Evans, you know what I’m looking to create.

    I want lots of fantastic monsters, gateways to other worlds, large troll and giant armies, pixies, satyrs and centaurs…oh yeah, and lots of magic!

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