II. The Blue Scroll

 Illus. William McAusland/Jon Roberts“A small magic shop”

 Type: Shop (Scrolls, potions, wands, minor wondrous items, alchemical items, pens, papers, ink etc.)

This small two-story building doesn’t look like much of a shop. Its blue-tiled roof, though, makes it rather special from the houses that surround it, but had it not been for the hanging sign besides the door, one would likely just have passed it. The small windows makes it hard to see what’s beyond, but you get the feeling that the owner wants it this way.

Once inside, you get a very different feeling about the Blue Scroll. Shelves with potions, scrolls and all kinds of alchemical substances line the walls. Each flask is clearly labeled and very easy to find and there is not an inch of dust to be found.

A half-orc guard stands to your right as you enter, watching you carefully. She is both armored and armed, ready should trouble arise.

Owner: The owner of the Blue Scroll is a gnome wizard named Foromis (male gnome, wizard6, hp 21). The curious thing about Foromis, is that he isn’t a member of the Mage Guild, a very deliberate choice on his part. According to rumors, the Mage Guild wanted to control his prices, and Foromis would have none of that!

Brukka: This half-orc (female half-orc, fighter4, hp 38) has been with Foromis ever since he opened up his small magic shop a few years back. Most people tend to underestimate her, but that is exactly what Foromis is hoping for. The half-orc is actually quite intelligent and sees everything that goes on in the small shop.

Prices: Slightly below average (-10%); Foromis have good contacts in the southern cities as well as in the elven capital, Ossindil. This means that he can sell his goods a little cheaper, which again means that he has lots of happy customers.


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