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First review!

November 30, 2009

Actually, this is not the first review of a Headless Hydra Games product, but the first review of the Mor Aldenn setting!

You can find it here;

This reminds me that I should hire an editor for the next version of the Mor Aldenn Setting…


New cover look

November 16, 2009

New Cover Look!I’ve begun dabbling with the new look for my products. I wanna find a cool and simple look that makes my Mor Aldenn books stand out. Here’s an example of how the cover foran upcoming adventure could look.

I kinda like this look, it gives me the chance of showing the full cover illustrations.

I could add the author’s name, to the bottom, but maybe I dont need it. Simpler is better and this way, I get to show you all of my cover image.


What do you think? Which is your favorite cover of all times?