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Roughs approved!

April 8, 2009
Valthor of Calathia

Valthor of Calathia

Gary turned in the roughs yesterday, and once again, the artist delivers!

There were a few things that needed changing, but only one major change (the background behind the Fallen Tower was very wrong, but I guess I hadn’t told him about the river and forest). Overall, I’m extremely happy about these.

It’ll be a few weeks before the inking is done, but thats quite ok, there is no rush.

Here is the rough of Valthor of Calathia, the guildmaster of the Fighters’ Guild, and a former crown prince of faraway Calathia. This image is definitely spot on!

 I’ll post more of the roughs in the weeks to come, and you can look forward to seeing the Barrowdelve Gate… a very important monument to the moraldenns.

Art by Gary Dupuis (



March 23, 2009

Does a picture say more than a thousand words?

I believe so… and therefore, I’ve already commissioned the first illustrations from my favorite artist, Gary Dupuis.

Here is what you can expect to see within long (a few weeks or so);

Two of the truly important NPCs of Mor Aldenn, Valthor of Calathia and Yargus Tem. These are two guildmasters who may end up playing a big part in the PCs life.

A few hanging signs, among them the Ugly Harpy!

The symbol of the Fighters’ Guild. I gave the artist a bit of freedom here, if he wants it, if not, it’ll have a rather classic look.

The Barrowdelve Gate. This is a very important place to the city, but also to the PCs. It is the gateway to the best known dungeon within miles and the PCs will most likely be sent here to explore recent happenings.

The Fallen Tower. So far, my favorite place in Mor Aldenn. This is no place for low-level PCs and so may not be all that important to begin with, but it is one of the defining places within the city, and therefore I cant wait to see it illustrated.

What would you like to see illustrated?