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Adventure Hook

August 25, 2009

This small adventure hook was sadly cut from the Gods of Mor Aldenn; Ehlora pdf, not because it didn’t fit in, but because there just wasn’t room for it.


The Gilded Bones

With the recent undead attacks from the Barrowdelve, bones from the necropolis have been scattered all over the city. While most of them have been collected, there are still 5 gilded bones missing. These bones are very important to the Temple, as they hold the memories of past high priests and high priestesses of the three faiths.

These gilded bones can be anywhere in Mor Aldenn; at the bottom of the river, in the surrounding forest, in the hands of a thief or perhaps at the Shadow Tower.

There might be a fight waiting for the PCs if the bones were taken by a creature of the river or forest, or they might have to use diplomacy to get the bones back from the thief or the necromancers.

Designer’s Notes

This hook was tied to the two spells called bone servant and greater bone servant, the latter which needs a large gilded bone as arcane focus. I like the fact that the PCs have to explore the city and perhaps use diplomacy (and not weapons) to retrieve these bones. It’s not a big adventure that will change the PCs, but it will show them the consequences of the undead attacks from the Barrowdelve.


A strange adventure hook…

July 30, 2009

…that just came to me. Well, to be honest, I was inspired by a documentary on TV about trophy hunting in Africa.

The Noble Traveler

A calathian noble has arrived in Mor Aldenn, with a large entourage of young courtiers and lots of servants. He invites the PCs to a private party at the Whimsical Sprite, where he has a proposal for them. He wants the PCs to take him into the wilderness and slay (or maybe even capture) one of the fabled ossindrillon magical beasts! He has his mind set on either a blink dog or a displacer beast! The latter is clearly his favorite.

The calathian noble will pay the PCs up to 2000gp for such a hunt and will, of course, pay all expenses along the way. He is willing to go alone with the PCs, but would like to have at least two people with him, a bard and a servant.

Designer’s Notes: Mor Aldenn is the ideal place for this hook, a safehaven located in the middle of a great and ancient wilderness. This hook is probably for a mid level party, although, it all depends on the kind of beast that the noble wish to slay.

A different version of this hook, is a female noblewoman, who wants a magical beast, preferably a blink dog. She has a magical necklace that will negate the beast’s own magic. She wants the beast alive, of course, and will pay nothing for a dead beast. She doesn’t necessarily have to go along on this hunt, but will insist that the PCs take her cousin along, a calathian swordsman.