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First adventure… finally done!

February 28, 2010

Ah, I just finished (and uploaded) the very first Mor Aldenn adventure! It’s a nice feeling to finally be able to say that 🙂 It could have been published two months back, if my computer hadn’t crashed .

Oh well, it’s out there now!

As always, comments are welcome! Perhaps you have an idea of how I can make this adventure even better!

Oh yeah, and I plan on making a free pdf with all the creatures from the adventure, but until that happens, you are just gonna have to use the Bestiary.

You can find the adventure here;


Barrowdelve, Area 1

January 15, 2010

I’ve actually had this writeup of Area 1 of the Barrowdelve for some time (meaning at least a few months). The idea is to present the area without any specific storyline. Later on, I will be able to add specific encounters. Some areas, though, will have specific encounters not associated with a specific storyline.

Those of you familiar with Monte Cook’s Dungeon-a-day project will recognize the area layout. For more information about Monte’s project, please follow this link; (and yeah, I’ve become a fan of this megadungeon).


Area 1: Entrance Hall 

Summary: This ancient hallway leads to the fabled Hall of Bones and offers a visitor insight into the history of Mor Aldenn, the City of Mages.

Sights and Sounds: Magical braziers along the walls provide plenty of light in the entrance hall. The braziers also provide dim lighting in area 1A and 1B. There are no sounds to be heard as the PCs walk down the corridor.

An ancient hallway displaying the history of Mor Aldenn stretches before you. Wizards, dragons, harpies, hags and sword-wielding adventurers fill beautiful landscapes seemingly carved from the very stone walls. You are witnessing more than 300 years of history in this very hallway.

Braziers set along the walls provide you with enough light to see all the astonishing details, revealing that even the ceiling is carved in intricate patterns. Not a speck of dust litter the floor, as if removed by magic.

Four tall statues rests in alcoves set along the walls. A large knight, two wizards and an elven sorceress. The statues are obviously carved from stone, yet the details are amazing and very vivid.

Background: Most moraldenns believe that the enormous stone relief here was created by magic, when it was actually created by elven artisans from Ossindil. It has changed over the years, and every year new details are added to complete the history of the city.

The city wishes not only to honour its dead, but also to remember them. The entrance hall was always meant to tell the history of the city and that is exactly what it does.

Statues: There are four tall stone statues in this hall, each displaying a famous hero of Mor Aldenn. Each description lists a Knowledge (history) DC that allows the PCs to identify the person depicted in the statues.

Sir Brennick Shieldworth: A tall muscular man wearing a full plate and wielding a fiery greatsword. Sir Brennick fought in the first Marsh War, alongside the elven wizards from Ossindil. He saved many lives by sacrificing his own. (DC 25)

Alendar Shadorash: A lean and proud wizard clad in a flowering robe wielding a quarterstaff with a head carved to look like a dragon skull. Alendar Shadorash was a child of the human and elven alliance, one of the first half-elves to live in Mor Aldenn. He is one of the few people to actually wound the night hag of the Spindlewood Marsh. (DC 27)

Hakael the Blind: An elderly man wearing a simple tattered robe and who carries a strange rod and an orb. The Blind Wizard was once a great diviner, the apprentice of Grey from the Lonely Tower. He helped the city by anticipating the attacks of the night hag. He vanished in the Spindlewood Marsh and his body has never been found. (DC 29)

Lady Liassara: A beautiful elven lady holding a flame in her right hand and a shard of ice in her left. Like most of the elves, Lady Liassara came from Ossindil more than 200 years ago. She was in love with a human wizard, an archmage, and joined him in the battle against the armies of the night hag. She was one of the greatest sorcerers who ever lived in Mor Aldenn. (DC 25)

1A: This small antechamber holds a wooden bench and a stone relief. The warrior depicted in the relief is actually Sir Brennick Shieldworth fighting four harpies and an army of hill giants. (DC 26)

1B: There is nothing in this antechamber, besides a stone relief depicting a gargantuan dragon surrounded by a horde of wyrmlings. This is Taraathalorm Wyrmmother, who once inhabited the site where Mor Aldenn is located today. (DC 23)


If you want to know more about the Barrowdelve, you can find more information, and some pretty cool maps here;

More Adventure Hooks!

October 18, 2009

Looking through my notes, I found a few that was cut from the Ugly Harpy pdf. Instead of just tossing them away, I’ve decided to post them here. Maybe there’s something you like.


A merchant has arrived in Mor Aldenn with one of the western caravans. No one has ever heard his name, and he is certainly willing to change that! Afterall, a good reputation is important to any merchant! He is willing to pay the PCs to spread a few rumors around town. However, maybe the merchant isn’t who he says he is??

The Rivaling Inns

Yargus Tem is involved in a small feud with Otho Theobold of the Gloating Giant. So far this feud is merely one of words, but then one of Otho’s horses is slain… who did it? Otho seems to believe that it was Yargus, or at the very least, one of his henchmen!

With this hook, you could also involve the other inns! Imagine asking the moraldenns to choose sides based on their favorite inn! This could turn out to be something a lot like “Gangs of New York”, only call it “Gangs of Mor Aldenn”! 🙂

The Poisoner

Jordrick Runsen, the local herbalist and poisoner is looking to acquire an assassin vine. Can the PCs help him?

Poison, anyone?

A strange tradition has come to the Ugly Harpy. The young and foolish challenge eachother to drink various poisons, all supplied (of course) by the local poisoner, Jordrick Runsen. This seems like a really stupid game, but maybe it could also be a lot of fun…


Does anyone have other adventure hooks that they’d like to share? If so, I’d love to hear them!

The Barrowdelve Map Pack!

October 14, 2009

Cartography by Rene WalkHeadless Hydra Games is proud to present yet another Mor Aldenn product, this time concerned with the ancient Barrowdelve!

We bring to you, a small map pack containing 4 full colour maps detailing the 4 uppermost levels of the Barrowdelve, and 4 greyscale maps of the very same levels. All maps were done by the newcomer, Rene Walk, whose work is splendid!

Just remember, this is just a map pack, not a complete walkthrough of the Barrowdelve! That will come later!

Adventure Hook

August 25, 2009

This small adventure hook was sadly cut from the Gods of Mor Aldenn; Ehlora pdf, not because it didn’t fit in, but because there just wasn’t room for it.


The Gilded Bones

With the recent undead attacks from the Barrowdelve, bones from the necropolis have been scattered all over the city. While most of them have been collected, there are still 5 gilded bones missing. These bones are very important to the Temple, as they hold the memories of past high priests and high priestesses of the three faiths.

These gilded bones can be anywhere in Mor Aldenn; at the bottom of the river, in the surrounding forest, in the hands of a thief or perhaps at the Shadow Tower.

There might be a fight waiting for the PCs if the bones were taken by a creature of the river or forest, or they might have to use diplomacy to get the bones back from the thief or the necromancers.

Designer’s Notes

This hook was tied to the two spells called bone servant and greater bone servant, the latter which needs a large gilded bone as arcane focus. I like the fact that the PCs have to explore the city and perhaps use diplomacy (and not weapons) to retrieve these bones. It’s not a big adventure that will change the PCs, but it will show them the consequences of the undead attacks from the Barrowdelve.

A strange adventure hook…

July 30, 2009

…that just came to me. Well, to be honest, I was inspired by a documentary on TV about trophy hunting in Africa.

The Noble Traveler

A calathian noble has arrived in Mor Aldenn, with a large entourage of young courtiers and lots of servants. He invites the PCs to a private party at the Whimsical Sprite, where he has a proposal for them. He wants the PCs to take him into the wilderness and slay (or maybe even capture) one of the fabled ossindrillon magical beasts! He has his mind set on either a blink dog or a displacer beast! The latter is clearly his favorite.

The calathian noble will pay the PCs up to 2000gp for such a hunt and will, of course, pay all expenses along the way. He is willing to go alone with the PCs, but would like to have at least two people with him, a bard and a servant.

Designer’s Notes: Mor Aldenn is the ideal place for this hook, a safehaven located in the middle of a great and ancient wilderness. This hook is probably for a mid level party, although, it all depends on the kind of beast that the noble wish to slay.

A different version of this hook, is a female noblewoman, who wants a magical beast, preferably a blink dog. She has a magical necklace that will negate the beast’s own magic. She wants the beast alive, of course, and will pay nothing for a dead beast. She doesn’t necessarily have to go along on this hunt, but will insist that the PCs take her cousin along, a calathian swordsman.

Cover preview!

June 12, 2009

I just love to show you guys something new whenever I get it, and this time we are talking about a small preview of the first adventure cover to “a trail of poison”.

Dont be shy, let me know what you think!

Illus. Mario Zuccarello