In Mor Aldenn you’ll find all kinds of shops, inns, guilds, towers, houses and whatnot, it is, afterall, a small city! I probably wont detail all of them, or perhaps I will, seeing as the city isn’t bigger than it is, but even so, a project like that would take years.

Each location follows the following template (though every location may not have every section);

Name: What I choose to name this particular location, obviously.

Type: What type of location are we talking about; shop, residence, inn, tavern, guild, monument etc.

Description: Imagine that you are walking down the street, what do you see before you?  Sometimes this description is not just an outer description, but also a description of how the location looks from the inside. They will be separate from each other, though.

Owner: Who owns this place? Sometimes this description may list other appropriate NPCs that can be found on the location as well, like the proprietor of an inn, a bar wench, an apprentice, a guard etc.

History: Not all locations have a huge and detailed history, but all should have at least a little to spark the interest of the DM. This section may also hold a few secrets of the place, if any exists. These will be labeled “secrets”, of course. If a location carry no such label, then this is pretty common knowledge around town (found on a Knowledge [local] check DC 13). Exceptions to this rule will be labeled.

Prices: Certain shops may have a small list of goods that goes beyond what the core books says. This section will also state if the prices here are above or below the core prices found in the PH.

Dangers/Treasures: Certain locations may hold more than just a nice encounter with an NPC, they may hold monsters or even treasures. These locations will be labeled with the approriate EL. This section will also describe certain traps that a location may have.

Adventures: A location may (or may not) spark a new adventure, as the PCs are invited to hunt down an ancient heirloom, find a missing son…


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