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Another idea…

June 9, 2009

I got this idea a few days ago, to make a Mor Aldenn Notebook. Its not going to be a proper Campaign Planner/Journal, just a small book that will contain all your (the GMs) notes about the city and campaign…

The layout will be all Mor Aldenn, and there will, quite possible be a small appendix in the back, with a few important notes for the GM, things that he must know!

Actually, before I got the idea, I saw the image of the cover, and I’ve started on the design (though its nowhere near finished). Whats missing is a third illustration, this one from the “Trail of Poison” adventure, a greyscale image of an ancient oak and a dying unicorn.

Graphic Design K. Axel Carlsson


Mor Aldenn Cover!

June 7, 2009

Mario Zuccarello has delivered the first of three full colour covers, the one for the Guide. This means that I can finally start planning the actual layout of the book, which is something of a challenge, as I have just begun dabbling in desktop publishing.

Below you’ll find two versions of a possible cover. Feel free to offer your oppinions to which you like the best, or if you think both of them suck! 🙂

Illus. Mario Zuccarello, Graphic Design K. Axel Carlsson

Illus. Mario Zuccarello, Graphic Design K. Axel Carlsson