I. Classes

Before reading this short walkthrough of the classes, let me make it absolutely clear that you (the player) can choose any class that you like. This is merely a look at each class and how they relate to the city, nothing more.



Mor Aldenn is a civilized city, no doubt about that, and yet, it is surrounded by the greatest wilderness locale in the entire world. Half an hour in any direction will show you a world where civilization count for nothing; here its all about survival, and who is better at surviving than the barbarians?

Tribes of humans and centaurs often visit the city, where they come to trade, tell stories and visit old friends. In your search for barbarians, you might also seek out some of Orregil Silvermane’s greatest warriors found on the Horse Downs. 

Barbarians are famous for their rage, resilience and speed, traits that have helped Mor Aldenn in the past.


Bards seek knowledge, adventure and yes, magic. Where better to find all these things than in Mor Aldenn, the City of Mages? Ever since the founding, there have been bards in the city. Some have become members of the Mage Guild, while others are happy just to play and entertain at the various inns and taverns, but most of them are just wanderers, passing through the City of Mages.

The Keeper of the Tower of Enchantment, an elf named Tarradion Songheart, is perhaps the best known bard in Mor Aldenn. He is said to have lived in the city ever since the founding, but that may just be a rumor.

Bards are famous for their vast knowledge and thirst for adventure. They are the keepers of history, who lifts the spirit of the city whenever it is required.


Religion is important to the moraldenns, but its not the most important thing in their life. Gods are always present, they certainly acknowledge this fact, but moraldenns also believe that they have a hand in their own fate and that they must take responsibility for their actions. Clerics are often present when a child is brought into the world, as well as when a spirit leaves it.

The only real temple in Mor Aldenn is found near the entrance to the Barrowdelve.

Clerics are protectors, healers and guides of the lost. They are famous for their devotion and patience and without them, Mor Aldenn would certainly have fallen a long time ago.


Ossindrillon has never been tamed by anyone, not even the elves, however, there are some who understand it better than others. These are, of course, the druids, especially the elven druids who have lived here for many thousand years. Druids are the devoted of the nature and see themselves as protectors of the great forest realm, which means that they have a common enemy in the night hag of the Spindlewood Marshes.

Nolly Ravenheart is the most famous human druid who live within the city. Other druids choose to live in the great forest, but make regular trips to the city where they trade and exchange news.

Druids are famous for their understanding of the forest and its natural inhabitants. They know how to move safely through the Spindlewood Marsh, a knowledge that have helped Mor Aldenn in the past.


The need for able fighters have always been great in Mor Aldenn. Life so close to the wild lands are often dangerous, and traders moving from town to town are often in need of caravan guards.

However, there are plenty of opportunities for fighters in the city of mages. They can work directly for the mages, become members of the Aldenic Guard or even members of the famous fighters’ guild run by Valthor of Calathia, the most renowned fighter in Mor Aldenn.

Fighters are famous for their bravery and skill with a blade and a shield. They are seekers of danger and protectors of the weak, traits that the moraldenns revere and reward.


Monks are, of course, welcome in Mor Aldenn, and yet, few have ever come this way and settled down. However, when that is said, the city would be a nice home to any monk who seeks inner and outer peace.

The only monk currently living in Mor Aldenn is a man named Telic. He joined the fighters’ guild a month ago and is finding life in Mor Aldenn to his liking.

Monks are famous for their inner peace, incredible speed and impressive display of martial arts. They are a rarity in the city and moraldenns would even go so far as to call them exotic.


Paladins are, actually, not an uncommon sight in Mor Aldenn, as protectors of the gods and their churches. A few are openly connected to the temple, while others pass through while patrolling the wild lands. They are welcomed, often given a free meal at the inns and a simple bed.

Karethil Godspeaker is perhaps the best renowned paladin in the city, a member of the temple and a friend of everybody, from the mages, to Valthor and the fighters’ guild.

Paladins are famous for their devotion and weapon prowess. They are obviously the servants of the gods, and yet, serve the city as well.


Rangers are a common sight in Mor Aldenn, in fact, without them, there probably wouldn’t be a city, here, at the heart of the wilds.  Caravans need rangers to guide them safely through the Spindlewood; travelers need them to find locations of interest in the wilds and commoners need them to slay beasts that threaten their homes.

A few rangers choose to live within the city, but most live quiet lives in the wilds, wilds that they call home. A true hero of the city is Roland Oakheart; ranger and member of the fighters’ guild. He is a native of Mor Aldenn, a friend of Sir Valthor’s and known for his fearlessness. Roland knows the surrounding lands well and if you ask him, he will gladly share his great knowledge of the wilds.

Rangers are known for their survival skills and for their knowledge of the wilds and the creatures that inhabit it. They are not hateful, but they take great pride in knowing their enemies.


One would think that Mor Aldenn was too small a city for a group of thieves, but actually, a rogue may find lots of work here, and a guild! Travelers often pass through the city, giving the rogues lots of opportunities for wealth. In fact, as long as they keep away from the mages, they will find Mor Aldenn a true heaven.

The Guild is not easy to find, but since they know all that is going on in the city, they will surely find you if you start asking around. The Guildsmaster is Yargus Tem, proprietor of the Ugly Harpy, a true master of his craft. It is also known, amongst the local thieves, that he has contacts in faraway cities, and that the contraband is shipped out of town and sold elsewhere.

Rogues are not feared by the locals, but a traveler should be aware, especially of his pouch. They are known for their quickness, nimble fingers and sharp wit.


What would a city of mages be like without sorcerers? Luckily the moraldenns doesn’t have to ask this questions, for their city is full of sorcerers! Sorcerers who live at the magic towers, sorcerers who study the forest, creatures and secrets that the realm offers. Theirs is a natural magic found within themselves, which also means that they seem to understand the land better than even the wizards. In fact, the sorcerers find kinship with the druids, whose magic is also a part of the land.

If you need to find a sorcerer you need not go far. There are plenty of sorcerers in Mor Aldenn, and while most of them live at the Tower of All-Magic, some can be found elsewhere around town. Looking for a famous sorceress? Look for Callinda Turahan, wife of Tawl Shalloc.

Sorcerers are known for their natural magic, a magic that is as much a part of them as the fist is to the monk. They seem to understand the realm better than any wizard.


There is really no need to mention that Mor Aldenn is full of wizards, because anyone who has visited the city or even heard about it from travelers, know that this is true. Wizards are the backbone of the city, they rule the city, although they will never outright admit this and they make it the wonderful magical place that it is.

Anyone looking for an apprenticeship, come to the Mage Guild. It is not a matter of how much gold you have, or what you know about magic already, in fact, there is no guarantee that you will get your apprenticeship, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try. The list of famous wizards is too long to mention, so I won’t even try.

Wizards are famous for their love of magic, and for the magical items that they know how to create.


2 Comments on “I. Classes”

  1. flat_footed Says:

    If you have both the time and desire, I would think of an Arcane Ranger prestige class for Mor Aldenn. With being at an arcane sanctuary in the heart of the wild, it seems almost like an inescapable conclusion!
    I would imagine such an undertaking would be a very respected pursuit, only afforded and taught to those truly deserving.

  2. cityofmages Says:

    Yeah, in this city anything could have the label Arcane in front of them… an Arcane Monk! No seriously, when the Pathfinder RPG comes out I’m going to look into doing some mechanics for the city, and quite possible an Arcane Ranger…

    That would open up for one interesting idea, that the other classes are welcome as members of the Mage Guild as well… and why not?

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