[Spells] Favorites and least favorites…

I’ve been thinking a lot about spells lately, about which spells work and which spells doesn’t. There are just some spells that I always pick when playing a wizard and some that I never give a chance. It’s not that the spells I never pick are bad, they are just… not very useful.

Let’s look at the low-level sorcerer/wizard spells from the Core Rulebook. Which spells do I always pick and which ones do I never pick!


Top 5 (0-level)

1. Detect Magic

2. Dancing Lights

3. Ghost Sound

4. Resistance

5. Mage Hand

Bottom 5 (0-level)

1. Read Magic

2. Arcane Mark

3. Ray of Frost

4. Flare

5. Bleed

Top 5 (1st level)

1. Shocking Grasp

2. Magic Missile

3. Shield

4. Mage Armor

5. Floating Disc

Bottom 5 (1st level)

(Note that I’ve never taken any of these spell…)

1. Hold Portal

2. Magic aura

3. Erase

4. Jump

5. Animate Rope


What are your top 5’s and bottom 5’s? Are there any spells that you have never taken and used in the game?

…and yes, this for research purposes! 🙂

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