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Chapter II now available!

October 25, 2009

The second chapter of Wizard’s Path is now available in pdf! This pdf also contains a really cool full-page illustration by Gary Dupuis, displaying a scene from the Barrowdelve.

Wizard’s Path is written by Sean Holland

And look out for the next chapter coming out at the start of November!


New Rule… for almost any system!

October 22, 2009

I was walking home yesterday from work, when suddenly a new rule surfaced in my mind. Don’t ask me where it came from, because I really couldn’t tell you. Suddenly, it was just there.

It may not even be a good rule, since I haven’t used it in a game before. Basically, I’m just brainstorming here, so bear with me. Also, the rule could apply to almost any rules system, as long as it has an experience point system.



Between games, characters (and players) sometimes wish to train, making them better at certain skills. The rules really dont allow for this, but here’s a new rule that tries to make some of this possible.

This rule can also be used to “speed up” the game and allow for a greater period of time to pass. Sometimes the players are just hanging around town, spending some time recuperating and enjoying life outside the dungeon.

During a single day a PC is allowed a “rest” action which takes up 8 hours of time where the character is basically resting/sleeping.

I propose a possible “training” action which takes up 4 hours. Characters can only take one of these “training” actions a day. Each time a character takes a training action, he receives 50 xp/level. This makes it possible to gain level(s) over a larger amount of time, by training.

This way, if the group wish to spend a week in town, training their characters, they can do so, and not slow down the game level-wise. This way, it would also be possible to advance the PCs from say level 3 to 5, if the group so desired.

I’ve played lots of games where the party was travelling across the realms. Each night, the fighters would train, but they really didn’t get anything out of this training, other than explaining how they had suddenly learned a new trick (when they later on gained a level). This way, a long trip would give the players a small benefit, if they spent 4 hours a day training.

Also, training can be anything. It doesn’t need to be specified, although it would be nice to know what kind of training a PC received.

You could also “up” the experience reward if someone trained the PCs.


The Problem…

…as I see it. Few, if any, use individual XP these days. This means that all the PCs would have to agree on taking a “training” action, lest the rule become weird.


I can’t wait to use this new rule in action. Also, comments are welcomed, especially if you like the rule or have a way to make it even better! 🙂

Unknown Stars, new Design Blog

October 19, 2009

I’ve been wanting to delve into the sci-fi/cyberpunk genre lately and even tried a future city seeting search, but only one person applied

To make this project a reality, I’ve created yet another Design Blog, this one called Unknown Stars.

You can find it here;

This will become a place to test my ideas and to (hopefully) start a few discussions about the sci-fi genre in general, and about what makes a good sci-fi/cyberpunk setting.

It will also give me the chance to showcase some of the sci-fi/cyberpunk books that I really love and feel inspired by.

So if you feel like following this new project, and perhaps take part in it, then come on over to the Unknown Stars Design Blog. 

Site update!

October 19, 2009

The site was recently updated, which means that I cleaned up the pages (to your right). I did some editing, removed a few pages and also… added a few pages!

There is now a products page, with links to all the Mor Aldenn products that you can buy at RPGNow. I’ll add the links soon. There is also an adventure hooks page, which features… adventure hooks!

More Adventure Hooks!

October 18, 2009

Looking through my notes, I found a few that was cut from the Ugly Harpy pdf. Instead of just tossing them away, I’ve decided to post them here. Maybe there’s something you like.


A merchant has arrived in Mor Aldenn with one of the western caravans. No one has ever heard his name, and he is certainly willing to change that! Afterall, a good reputation is important to any merchant! He is willing to pay the PCs to spread a few rumors around town. However, maybe the merchant isn’t who he says he is??

The Rivaling Inns

Yargus Tem is involved in a small feud with Otho Theobold of the Gloating Giant. So far this feud is merely one of words, but then one of Otho’s horses is slain… who did it? Otho seems to believe that it was Yargus, or at the very least, one of his henchmen!

With this hook, you could also involve the other inns! Imagine asking the moraldenns to choose sides based on their favorite inn! This could turn out to be something a lot like “Gangs of New York”, only call it “Gangs of Mor Aldenn”! 🙂

The Poisoner

Jordrick Runsen, the local herbalist and poisoner is looking to acquire an assassin vine. Can the PCs help him?

Poison, anyone?

A strange tradition has come to the Ugly Harpy. The young and foolish challenge eachother to drink various poisons, all supplied (of course) by the local poisoner, Jordrick Runsen. This seems like a really stupid game, but maybe it could also be a lot of fun…


Does anyone have other adventure hooks that they’d like to share? If so, I’d love to hear them!

The Mor Aldenn Glossary!

October 18, 2009

The Mor Aldenn Glossary is now available from!

It collects information from all the published sources, as well as both chapters of the Wizard’s Path online serial. Furthermore, the glossary collects information from some of my own personal notes, so there’s even a few things there that you wont find anywhere else… at least for now!

The Glossary is available as a free download until the 18th November, after which the Glossary will cost a few dollars. So make sure to grab it right now!

You can find it here;

Please note that this Glossary is mostly intended for the GMs, so if you are a player, beware when reading the Glossary!

The Expanded Notebook!

October 17, 2009

This free product has actually been ready for publication for a while now, but now it’s finally available!

With this notebook, you get a greyscale map of Mor Aldenn, a few headlines to help you guide your notes and 10 adventure hooks!

And remember… it’s free!

Now I just have to finish the Mor Aldenn Glossary, another free product from Headless Hydra Games!