Valthor of Calathia

Mor Aldenn is not just a home of wizards and sorcerers. You’ll find lots of other great personalities, heroes and adenturers here as well, like the naive Mayor Oswin, the secretive innkeeper Yargus Tem, the odd diviner Grey and the powerhungry Lord Balsadarus.

Prince Valthor of Calathia is one of these important persons that help define Mor Aldenn as more than just a magehome.

16 years ago, a feud shattered the royal family of Calathia, driving Prince Valthor north to the City of Mages. All Valthor took from his childhood home was a magical demonslaying greatsword (his legacy) that he offered to the mages in return for their guidance and friendship. That blade can be found somewhere within the Tower of All-Magic, though few know its exact location. Valthor does not consider this blade his own, but have promised the mages that he will wield it again if they ask it of him.

Prince Valthor has made Mor Aldenn his home and sanctuary, creating a strong, if small, fighters’ guild. Here, he is one of three guildmasters, though Prince Valthor founded the guild on his own. All members give Valthor the respect that he deserves, and while he would never call himself the leader of the guild, the others will.

Some call Prince Valthor a knight and lord, but he would never call himself that. Valthor is a prince no longer, but a simple fighter with a great and compasisonate heart. He is brave and valorous beyond compare and those who claim membership in the guild, do so because of him.

About the Fighters’ Guild

The guild offers a blade and a shield to those who truly needs it. They would never join an army or even a warband, instead they guard shops, slay beasts, helps caravans, yes anything that requires a sword, a shield and a valorous heart.

A member of the fighters’ guild is no crude warrior, but a virtuous fighter who follow the codex of the guild, as set forth and signed by the three guildmasters. 

Designer’s Note

Also, I imagine that the guildhall, where you can always (or at least, most of the time) find Prince Valthor and most guildmembers, looks like the house below.

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