I. Products

What follows here is a few links to the various Mor Aldenn products. If you think that this setting sounds cool, or maybe just interesting, please feel free to follow the links and buy the products.

Mor Aldenn will survive (afterall, it is a labor of love, not need) but if you want the setting to prosper… please help support it by buying the products!

The pdfs are fairly cheap! 🙂

Also, if you do buy the products, please review them! And be honest, this is the only way that Mor Aldenn will improve!


List of Mor Aldenn Products:

A Player’s Guide to Mor Aldenn (RPGNow.com)

A GM’s Guide to Mor Aldenn (RPGNow.com)

The Mor Aldenn Cartography (RPGNow.com)

Gods of Mor Aldenn – Ehlora (RPGNow.com)

The Ugly Harpy (RPGNow.com)

The Ugly Harpy Cartography (RPGNow.com)

Wizard’s Path I (RPGNow.com)

The Barrowdelve Map Pack (RPGNow.com)

The Mor Aldenn Glossary * (RPGNow.com)

Mor Aldenn – City of Mages (RPGNow.com) – Bundle product

The Ugly Harpy (RPGNow.com) – Bundle product


* Free until November 18th


Other Free Products:

The Mor Aldenn Notebook (RPGNow.com)

The Mor Aldenn Notebook – Expanded (RPGNow.com)


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