Mor Aldenn FAQ

Ever since I started writing about Mor Aldenn, I’ve had questions about the City of Mages. This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) will try to answer some of them. Ok, honestly, not all of these questions are asked frequently, but still…

If you have a question of your own, please feel free to write me at and I will try to answer them (if I can!).

The mages of Mor Aldenn aren’t necessarily paragons of goodness, but nor are they evil. Is this right?

Yes, thats exactly right. They does lean towards good, though, and would never commit a completely evil act. They are content to live, here in their small city in the middle of the wilderness, studying and experimenting with the arcane (and sometimes divine). They are not aggressive and would never go to war, but they would do anything to defend the city. If they have to send a force against an enemy, like the night hag, they wouldn’t send an army, but a small party.

Are they willing to experiment on the unknown simply for the pleasure of it or are there more vocal members of the council when it comes to the morals of their group?

They would absolutely experiment on the unknown for the pleasure of it. They will capture a magical beast from the forest and do what it takes to learn its secrets, even if it means killing it. They would never kill a hundred, but a few for the sake of “science”, thats a small price to pay. It happens that a mage does something that the Council of Mages does not approve of, and in all matters arcane, guild and city-related, it is the Council that rules!

Who are the Archwizards?

So far, only a few of them are named, like Ardamiron, the Archwizard of Transmutation, Amaltarius the Spellwarden (Abjuration) and Grey the Diviner (Archwizard of Divination, obviously). An upcoming novelette will add another archwizard to the council – Lady Veronia, the Archwizard of Illusion. The Archwizards all sit on the Council of Mages and are considered the rulers of the guild (and unofficially, the city).

Why is the description of the Tower of Evocation missing from the setting books?

Yes, that’s a difficult question. Honestly, I forgot about it, and when I realised my mistake, well, it was too late to change the layout. However, I intend to add it when I publish the new edition of Mor Aldenn. The Tower of Evocation is just as interesting and important as the rest of the magical towers.

Who was mayor of Mor Aldenn before Oswin Theodorick?

The old mayor before Oswin was another man (a human), but that’s all I know of him at this point, other than he was killed by giants while travelling in the north. It’s hinted somewhere that it was Lord Balsadarus who was behind the murder of the mayor (I’m not really sure that he was, but perhaps).


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