Barrowdelve map

The first level of the Barrowdelve

The first level of the Barrowdelve

I’ve been playing around with the Barrowdelve map for days, trying to find a cool and interesting design.

I’m one of those people who likes that a dungeon “makes sense”, that it has a story behind it, and that it makes sense that there is a nest of bats inside a locked 10×10 room.

As a DM I want to know who created the corridors, who built the mighty halls, traps and who decided that it would be a good idea with iron-fortified doors instead of its simpler wooden cousin.

The Barrowdelve is going to make sense, but that certainly doesn’t mean that its going to be a boring place… no, its going to be a place of magic, history, undead and with a connection to something far older than Mor Aldenn, something hidden deep within the earth. Something related to the Trelmyrean Archwizards…

It’s been hinted before, that there was something on the island before the city of mages…

Anyways, I’ll get back to that at a later time.

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One Comment on “Barrowdelve map”

  1. Sigurd Says:

    Looks really good. I also like a dungeon to make sense.


    Very nice map btw.

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