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The Expanded Notebook!

October 17, 2009

This free product has actually been ready for publication for a while now, but now it’s finally available!

With this notebook, you get a greyscale map of Mor Aldenn, a few headlines to help you guide your notes and 10 adventure hooks!

And remember… it’s free!

Now I just have to finish the Mor Aldenn Glossary, another free product from Headless Hydra Games!


The Mor Aldenn Notebook?

July 16, 2009

One of my products just got its first review today (I’m not gonna post a link, you can pobably find it if you want to). It was pretty positive, but it still got me thinking of how to improve it a little bit to make it even better.

For one, I’m thinking of adding a greyscale map, showing the really important parts of the city, allowing the GM (or players) to add notes directly to the map.

What do you think the Notebook needs to become an even better (free) product? Imagine that I had half an hour to spare on this and no budget (meaning no new art), what could I do to make it even more useful?

Oppinions please.