I. Hall of the Gauntlet

Illus. William McAusland/Jon Roberts“The Fighters’ Guild of Mor Aldenn”

Type: Guild (Membership: Rooms, food, armory, training etc.)

You see before you a large three-story building with a flat roof. It was build within the last 15 years, by a union of elves and humans. Its a strong building, the influence of the human masons, but also a beautiful building, the mark of the elves. The guild symbol can be seen above the entrance, displaying the iron gauntlet, the axe and sword and of course, the oaken branch, all strong symbols of the guild.

Inside, you see long hallways leading from offices, to a kitchen, dormitory and most importantly, to the great training hall, the pride of the fighters. The walls bear a broad display of weapons and shields, but only those found in the armory will be truly useful.

This is the fighters’ guild, an order of warriors lead by three guildmasters of equal power. The most famous of these are, of course, the former crown prince of Calathia, Sir Valthor (male human aristocrat3/fighter7, hp 84). The others are named Sir Gershan Vhokk (male human expert4/fighter4, hp 43) and Sir Roland Oakheart (male human commoner2/ranger5, hp 41).

The Fighters' Guild in Mor Aldenn

The Fighters' Guild in Mor Aldenn


This house was build using the funds that Valthor brought from faraway Calathia. The three founders aided in its creation, bringing wood and stones from the forest. In the beginning, there were only three members, and no guildmaster. However, soon others heard of the guild’s exploits, of how they helped travelers, fought giants, tracked down kobolds in the spindlewood Marsh and whatnot. Others joined and the fighters’ guild grew bigger.

At the moment, the guild has 18 members, of which three are the original founders and guildmasters, Sir Valthor, Sir Gershan and Roland Oakheart. The guild is open to all who wish to join, and contrary to other guilds, the fighters do not test the skills of their aspirants, nor do they charge them a monthly cost.

Membership: Being a member of the guild means that you have access to the entire guild. This does not, however, mean that you have are given a key. Only four members carry keys all the time, these are of course the three guildmasters and the clerk. You always have a place to sleep, in the dormitory amongst the other members, and get two meals a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. The armory is also open to the members, but the arms and armor here are only for loan.

The last thing the guild offers its members are, of course, a training hall. Here you’ll find certain constructions that may challenge even the strongest warrior, dummies and if you are looking for an instructor, you can always ask one of your fellow members.

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