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New Setting Guide!

January 6, 2011

Its been a while since I last wrote anything here, and I think its about time that I did! I mean… its not like Mor Aldenn is dead or anything, in fact, the setting may be more alive now than ever before!

And what do I mean by that?

Well, just this;

At the moment, a bunch of awesome designers are currently working on fleshing out and expanding the setting further, and adding a bunch of very cool rules for the Pathfinder RPG. You will see new monsters, lots of NPCs, feats, spells and yes, even a new base class!

Also, you’ll see a couple of minor adventures in the near future, staged in and around Mor Aldenn, of course!

To kickstart the new year, I have decided to open the bag a bit (just a bit!). Every thursday, from now and the next few months, I will try to reveal a little something from the City of Mages. Since this is a city setting, why not start by showing you a location?

Green Elixirs

This small shop is nestled between larger buildings in the southern part of Mor Aldenn. A small sign above the door display a couple of potions in varying greens.

Type shop (average), residence; Size small (1 floor, cellar)

Owner Vastian Breth (male human wizard 5, CG); Staff none

Typical Visitors adventurers, mages, wizards; Famous Visitors Lord Balsadarus


This small shop is owned and run by a guild mage named Vastian Breth, who (deep within his heart) is more alchemist than wizard. Vastian is well-known and liked around the mage guild, yet choose to live here, away from his friends. He does this, mostly because of his many experiments. Lots of amazing potions grace the windows of Green Elixirs, but none of them are real potions. Vastian makes potions on request, but only to other guild mages and his closest friends.

Looking for alchemical items? Well, Vastian has lots of strange concoctions and weird items on display in his shop. If you are ready to take a chance, you might even buy one of his more experimental items, but remember, all of these come with a severe warning!

Items bought at half price have a 75% chance of working, while items that are even cheaper have a 10% chance of exploding, causing 1d8 points of damage to the user.

This is a pretty typical site within the City of Mages. The location is supposed to be useful, to the GMs and to the PCs, and bring tiny rules that are unique to each site.

What kind of locations would you like to see in a City of Mages?

Also, because I want everyone to experience Mor Aldenn, I’ve decided to create a big bundle of goodies, available for almost… nothing.

You can find it here, at

And what do you get? Well, both the Player’s and GM’s guide, the Mor Aldenn cartography, an adventure, a very cool map pack of the Barrowdelve, an inn named the Ugly Harpy and lastly, insight into one of three gods that exist in the City of Mages!

I truly hope that you’ll enjoy these, and dont worry, we are not altering much of the information here, we are basically adding new material in the upcoming Expanded Setting Guide, so all this wonderful material will be useful even then!

Welcome to the City of Mages, hopefully you’ll enjoy your stay!


Unknown Stars, new Design Blog

October 19, 2009

I’ve been wanting to delve into the sci-fi/cyberpunk genre lately and even tried a future city seeting search, but only one person applied

To make this project a reality, I’ve created yet another Design Blog, this one called Unknown Stars.

You can find it here;

This will become a place to test my ideas and to (hopefully) start a few discussions about the sci-fi genre in general, and about what makes a good sci-fi/cyberpunk setting.

It will also give me the chance to showcase some of the sci-fi/cyberpunk books that I really love and feel inspired by.

So if you feel like following this new project, and perhaps take part in it, then come on over to the Unknown Stars Design Blog. 

Play-By-Post, anyone?

August 25, 2009

Since I haven’t really had the chance to playtest the Mor Aldenn setting, I was wondering if there were any interest in a PbP game on the Headless Hydra Games forums?

A strange adventure hook…

July 30, 2009

…that just came to me. Well, to be honest, I was inspired by a documentary on TV about trophy hunting in Africa.

The Noble Traveler

A calathian noble has arrived in Mor Aldenn, with a large entourage of young courtiers and lots of servants. He invites the PCs to a private party at the Whimsical Sprite, where he has a proposal for them. He wants the PCs to take him into the wilderness and slay (or maybe even capture) one of the fabled ossindrillon magical beasts! He has his mind set on either a blink dog or a displacer beast! The latter is clearly his favorite.

The calathian noble will pay the PCs up to 2000gp for such a hunt and will, of course, pay all expenses along the way. He is willing to go alone with the PCs, but would like to have at least two people with him, a bard and a servant.

Designer’s Notes: Mor Aldenn is the ideal place for this hook, a safehaven located in the middle of a great and ancient wilderness. This hook is probably for a mid level party, although, it all depends on the kind of beast that the noble wish to slay.

A different version of this hook, is a female noblewoman, who wants a magical beast, preferably a blink dog. She has a magical necklace that will negate the beast’s own magic. She wants the beast alive, of course, and will pay nothing for a dead beast. She doesn’t necessarily have to go along on this hunt, but will insist that the PCs take her cousin along, a calathian swordsman.

A Player’s Guide?

April 3, 2009

My 8 day vacation started approximately 4 hours ago, but so far I’ve not used it to do anything productively (at least, nothing concerned with Mor Aldenn and roleplaying in general).

My plan, however, is to do some serious writing and not just random ramblings on the site.

My plan is to make a short Player’s Guide to Mor Aldenn, of no more than 10 pages. It’ll be a short (very short) introduction to the city of mages, containing the following elements;

  • Why Mor Aldenn?
  • Adventurers in Ossindrillon
  • Classes (just a quick walkthrough of the old ones)
  • Races (another quick walkthrough, with a possible new race…)
  • A few new feats (a little crunch is always a good thing)
  • Guilds and patrons
  • Magic and mages
  • A brief history (very brief)
  • Important locations and NPCs


Is there anything that you’d like to see in the Player’s Guide? If so, now is the time to voice your oppinion…