Computer breakdown…

The day before New Year’s Eve, my computer crashed badly. This forced me to reinstall everything, but of course, I had lost hundreds of important files! Yes… this is bad! Really bad. This should teach teach me to backup my files!

However, I’ll try to bounce back and see what I can recover, illustrations, files etc.

This will set me back a little, so don’t expect new Mor Aldenn material any day soon. 😦

The Spell Compendium project is still, however, going strong! If you want to participate, feel free to drop me an email with some spells (see earlier post).

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One Comment on “Computer breakdown…”

  1. Claus Says:

    That sucks. I don’t know exactly what happened of course, but even on a corruped disk it is usually possible to get all or most of the data off it. I’ve seen it done with a corrupted drive using an external disk bay and running unix. If you have any techy friends its worth giving it a go.

    If the disk is borken, i.e. doesn’t spin any more, the data is still probably there, but to get it off will probably take a data recovery company and cost you money…

    Good luck, my sympathies.

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