New Rule… for almost any system!

I was walking home yesterday from work, when suddenly a new rule surfaced in my mind. Don’t ask me where it came from, because I really couldn’t tell you. Suddenly, it was just there.

It may not even be a good rule, since I haven’t used it in a game before. Basically, I’m just brainstorming here, so bear with me. Also, the rule could apply to almost any rules system, as long as it has an experience point system.



Between games, characters (and players) sometimes wish to train, making them better at certain skills. The rules really dont allow for this, but here’s a new rule that tries to make some of this possible.

This rule can also be used to “speed up” the game and allow for a greater period of time to pass. Sometimes the players are just hanging around town, spending some time recuperating and enjoying life outside the dungeon.

During a single day a PC is allowed a “rest” action which takes up 8 hours of time where the character is basically resting/sleeping.

I propose a possible “training” action which takes up 4 hours. Characters can only take one of these “training” actions a day. Each time a character takes a training action, he receives 50 xp/level. This makes it possible to gain level(s) over a larger amount of time, by training.

This way, if the group wish to spend a week in town, training their characters, they can do so, and not slow down the game level-wise. This way, it would also be possible to advance the PCs from say level 3 to 5, if the group so desired.

I’ve played lots of games where the party was travelling across the realms. Each night, the fighters would train, but they really didn’t get anything out of this training, other than explaining how they had suddenly learned a new trick (when they later on gained a level). This way, a long trip would give the players a small benefit, if they spent 4 hours a day training.

Also, training can be anything. It doesn’t need to be specified, although it would be nice to know what kind of training a PC received.

You could also “up” the experience reward if someone trained the PCs.


The Problem…

…as I see it. Few, if any, use individual XP these days. This means that all the PCs would have to agree on taking a “training” action, lest the rule become weird.


I can’t wait to use this new rule in action. Also, comments are welcomed, especially if you like the rule or have a way to make it even better! 🙂

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