3 Quick Spells…

Here’s three quick spells for the Mor Aldenn setting. Well, they aren’t really quick, though.



School divination (scrying); Level sorcerer/wizard 2

Casting Time 1 hour

Components V, S, M (a piece of glass)

Range medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)

Target one window

Duration 10 min./level

Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no


When this spell is cast, a magical window appears before you, floating in the air. Through this window you can see the outside world, as if really standing before the window and looking out, but you cannot see anything in front of the window, like things on the windowsill, or a person standing in front of the window, blocking your sight.

This spell can conjure up any window within range that you have seen at least once. While looking through the magical window, you gain a +5 competence bonus to Perception checks and are considered to have darkvision up to 60 ft.



School divination (scrying); Level sorcerer/wizard 5

Casting Time 10 minutes

Components V, S, M (a large piece of glass)

Range 10 miles/level

Target one window

Duration 1 hour/level

Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no


As Window, except that you you now gain a +10 bonus to Perception checks, and darkvision up to 120 ft.



School abjuration (scrying); Level sorcerer/wizard 0

Casting Time one minute

Components V, S, M (a piece of glass)

Range special; see text

Target one window

Duration 1 min./level

Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no


This spell allows you to look out through one of the windows at the Wizard’s Staff that faces the Tower of All-Magic. The view is quite spectacular. This spell can be cast anywhere on the prime material plane.


Designer’s Notes

The latter spell, Towerview, is often used by travelling wizards or apprentices. They use it to check in on their Guild, and to receive messages from the masters.

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2 Comments on “3 Quick Spells…”

  1. story writer Says:

    Perhaps I am reading the spell description wrong but I am not sure of the usefulness of the first spell. True, the caster gains +5 to perception checks and dark vision, but I would think that the caster would be able to walk the 120 feet to the window in less time than the one hour it takes to cast the spell.

    One thought is that it is meant for security and allows the caster to look out from an inner chamber or even from another floor. My problem with this idea is again with the casting time. If I the caster am working in my underground lab and hear the front door ring, by the time I cast this spell to look out my window the subject that rang the bell would probably have left.

    I think that a permanent version of this spell cast on a mirror would be very useful especially if I can change which window I am looking out at least two or three times a round.

    The next spell seems more useful and can be used to spy on a building 50 miles away. I think the spell would be even more useful if it would allow me to look IN to the building I am spying on.

    Towerview is probably the most powerful cantrip ever (“Level sorcerer/wizard 0”). How is this spell used for communication? Do master and apprentice set up prescheduled times to stand in front of the window? Also , does any of these spell allow you to hear anything on the other side of the window?

    • cityofmages Says:

      The idea was that these window spells would be used, mostly, as spy spells. The wizards of the Tower of All-Magic, could pretty much stay in their tower and keep track of the city.

      Ain’t it always the case that you “can just do something similar without magic…”

      But you are probably right about the casting time. I was going for balance, but 1 hour sounds like too much.

      As for the Towerview spell, I was thinking that the mages would somehow deliver messages by lighting colored candles in some of the windows (a green light could mean that a Council meeting was scheduled within the month, and so forth). These wouldn’t be immediate messages however, but minor messages.

      No sounds.

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