Ehlora, the Scholar


Goddess of ancestry, death and knowledge

”The goddess, Ehlora, is a very complex deity, at least the way she is worshiped in our fair city. We call her the Scholar, and often pray to her when mundane questions needs answers.

It is said that Ehlora is there when we are born and there when we die, but in between, we are only watched and guided by her truest followers.

Ask any of her clerics, and they will tell you how Ehlora awaits everyone in the afterworld. The Scholar will ask you about your life, but she does not judge you. In fact, it is believed that she makes you judge yourself, that you may determine your own fate in the afterlife.”

 – Olendir Kortt, Scholar

Ehlora is the Scholar, a gatherer of knowledge, a protector of ancestors and the watcher at the gate of death. She is not feared, at least not by those who can stand by their actions. It is said that when a person dies, recollections of his life is written into the Book of the Dead, a powerful artifact that Ehlora always carry with her. The Scholar has no home, instead she wanders the afterworld, visiting the other gods, gathering new knowledge where she finds it.

Ehlora sees the significance in everything, she is in truth, a watcher. From time to time, the other gods call upon her, good or evil and she will allow them to read from her book, the Book of the Dead. She never takes part in any wars, in fact, Ehlora will never side with another god in any dispute. She is the caretaker of the dead, and as such, the Scholar spends more time in the borderlands between the worlds than anywhere else.

In the realm of the mortals, Ehlora is often depicted as an elderly woman marked by time, yet graceful. She carries a heavy tome in one hand, as if it were light as a feather, and an hourglass in the other.

Those who choose to follow the teachings of Ehlora are always interested in the truth. They ask questions rather than answer questions, never content with the knowledge they already have. Contrary to common belief, followers of Ehlora often travel much like their goddess. They are not afraid of taking action, but will rather watch events unfold.

Followers of Ehlora are not afraid of dying, knowing that another life awaits them in the afterworld. Death is inevitable, but can be postponed. Ehlora accepts that sometimes the dead can be brought back to life and will even allow her followers to take such actions, but never without paying a price of knowledge.

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2 Comments on “Ehlora, the Scholar”

  1. Alkaru Says:

    “We call her the Scholar, and often prey to her when mundane questions needs answers. ”

    *cough* I think you mean pray.

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