Advice to authors

I’ve been reading a lot of proposals lately, for the Mor Aldenn serial, and wanted to give the authors a little advice.

I may just run a small company (Headless Hydra Games) with a small setting (Mor Aldenn), but I still want the best possible story for my setting, and if I can’t get that, I will spend my money differently. I know I can’t pay a whole lot (being a small company and all) but I still have some expectations when I read proposals.

Here’s my advice; Read the setting guide carefully, get an understanding of the setting and try to make as few mistakes as possible. If I write that one of the guildmasters of the fighters’ guild is named Valthor of Calathia, it won’t do to call him Calthorm of Valathia and if I write that the Tower of Conjuration is called the Fallen Tower, then you can’t name it the Demon Tower. I dont think these are actual examples, so hopefully I wont offend someone in particular. I really hope that you understand what I’m saying and understand why I’m saying it. I’m not out to offend anyone, really.

You may be the best author I’ve ever met (and read), but if your story falls through, then I’m afraid I can’t hire you. I will help the author with the specific details, of course, but please dont write anything that contradicts anything from the Guide!

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