The Mor Aldenn Notebook?

One of my products just got its first review today (I’m not gonna post a link, you can pobably find it if you want to). It was pretty positive, but it still got me thinking of how to improve it a little bit to make it even better.

For one, I’m thinking of adding a greyscale map, showing the really important parts of the city, allowing the GM (or players) to add notes directly to the map.

What do you think the Notebook needs to become an even better (free) product? Imagine that I had half an hour to spare on this and no budget (meaning no new art), what could I do to make it even more useful?

Oppinions please.

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2 Comments on “The Mor Aldenn Notebook?”

  1. David Macauley Says:

    I bought the Mor Aldenn bundle from RPGNow after first downloading the free notebook. The map on the cover got me curious, I looked up HHG’s homepage and “Other products” and thought $3.50 was a pittance to pay.

    To be honest, when I opened up the notebook my first thought was I would never use this. The background “texture” and borders throughout screamed “wasted ink” to me. I would happily print the front and back covers, but would prefer a more printer-friendly interior.

    I think the map idea above is a great one and would like to see that added to the product. Perhaps some headings would also tempt people to use the notebook – Notable People, Random Events, Shop Names, that sort of thing – ideas to inspire. And I would probably remove the page numbers in combination with the addition of various headings, that way the customer could print out as few or many pages as he wished, maybe multiples of a certain type.

    The only other feedback I have is about the Players and GMs Guides. I was disappointed to discover they were the same book, with the only difference being the margin notes. When it comes time to print, I will only print the GMs guide and simply use Adobe’s snapshot function to “grab” the Players rumours, paste them into a Word doc and print them out separately (and probably glue them in as flaps to hide the GM’s truths). From a customer’s perspective, I’m glad I didn’t buy these two items separately. I think there simply could’ve been a separate GM’s rumour sheet, rather than a whole, almost identical, separate book.

    Having said that, this is a wonderful product that I am glad I purchased and for such a bargain price too. I look forward to further HHG products.

    • cityofmages Says:

      Hi David, and welcome to the Design Blog!

      I’m going to look into the “wasted ink” issue and maybe remove some of the parchment look, I will also quite possibly remove the page numbers.

      As for the two guide books; I love the idea that players have their own knowledge, their own book. The GM can have his secrets for himself then and the players think they know everything about the setting, which they, of course, don’t.

      And as you say… they come at a bargain price!

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