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Headless Hydra GamesI love reading, especially fantasy novels and shortstories. When I first created Crown, the City of the Fallen (an old project) I knew I wanted a shortstory to kick off the setting and I did…

Now with the Mor Aldenn setting, I’m looking for a little of the same. I hope to find a cool author to write a serial; a serial to be posted on this very blog, free of charge to you, the reader. The author will be paid of course and I expect him (or her) to deliver a great story!

I’m not looking for a huge epic plot, something that will forever change the city. That would be a shame and not at all what I’m looking for. What I am looking for is a story about adventurers (not necessarily heroes), magic and mages.

This is what the setting is all about.

When I think of Mor Aldenn, I think of it as a small version of Ethshar (a setting created by Lawrence Watt-Evans). This setting (Ethshar) spans many kingdoms and cities, but the stories are about people, their simple lives and the magic that surrounds them. This is what I’m looking for… well, something like it anyways.

If you are reading this and think you have what it takes to write a cool Mor Aldenn tale, then… write a small synopsis of approx. one page. You must also write the beginning of your tale, 1 page, to show off your writing style. If you email me ( I’ll send you the Player’s Guide to Mor Aldenn and hopefully you’ll get a better understanding of the setting.

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One Comment on “Mor Aldenn Fiction”

  1. John Schutt Says:

    Well then my submission gets shredded, I think. Back to the drawing board!

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