Red borders

Here’s the example that I talked about earlier, and the more I look at it, the more I like it. But then again, I think I’ve said that before..

Maybe the final page layout!

You can see a slightly larger version here;

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2 Comments on “Red borders”

  1. Sigurd Says:

    I like the borders but I think they take up too much space for the gazetteer. They would work very well with short pieces of prose or poetry. You could have a small selection of myth or history and use the borders to denote hearsay and opinion.

    If a page has borders on it, its aint necessarily so.


    • cityofmages Says:

      I love books that look good, and to me, books with borders look good, especially if they are cool borders 🙂

      I could remove these borders and get two extra lines per page, but for me its not about cramming as much information into each page, if so, I could remove artwork completely from the book. I know, that statement is a little extreme, but my point is this, I will go far to make the book look good, even if it is just a guidebook.

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