Complicated layout and a question!

I’m sorry to say that maybe I’ll be forced to drop the cool borders that Justin Hernandez created, because they are just too difficult to use and not done in the best possible way. The fault, however, is all mine, as they are done exactly as I told him to. They are just too complicated and makes for a slightly weird page layout. What I really want, at least to begin with, is something far more simpler and useful.

As I’m writing from work, I really cant give you an example of what I’ talking about, but I’ll post an example when I get home. This new page layout will (quite possibly) be the last one that I’m doing for the “Playtest Edition”, and it shouldn’t take me more than a week to finish, and that is, if I work slowly.

Also, a question for you!

What would you like to read about in the sidebars? There will be lots of space for sidebars, and while it wont be a problem for me to come up with ideas for them, I’d like to hear your oppinions. Do you want to have “Behind the Scenes” sections, or maybe just a little info about various topics, like the ferry, fishing, beasts and whatnot.

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