Another idea…

I got this idea a few days ago, to make a Mor Aldenn Notebook. Its not going to be a proper Campaign Planner/Journal, just a small book that will contain all your (the GMs) notes about the city and campaign…

The layout will be all Mor Aldenn, and there will, quite possible be a small appendix in the back, with a few important notes for the GM, things that he must know!

Actually, before I got the idea, I saw the image of the cover, and I’ve started on the design (though its nowhere near finished). Whats missing is a third illustration, this one from the “Trail of Poison” adventure, a greyscale image of an ancient oak and a dying unicorn.

Graphic Design K. Axel Carlsson

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2 Comments on “Another idea…”

  1. Sigurd Says:

    How about a big central question mark? Or maybe change the layout a bit. Use your two panels on the outside of the frame and put parchment and a quill (or something) in the middle.

    Either way you’d emphasize that its a notebook to be written in.


  2. cityofmages Says:

    I’m not sure I like the question mark idea, but maybe I should write down some of my own notes on the parchment… to emphasize that its a notebook? And since its faded in the background, it wont be the focus… I’m still gonna keep the grey images.

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