Master Ardamiron

Illus. Justin HernandezThe time has finally come to explore the Mage Guild and the mages that make up the heart and soul. Not all of the mages like to be in the spotlight, in fact, most of them keep to their studies and only rarely make short trips into Mor Aldenn. There are exceptions, however, and lets start by exploring one of these… the Archwizard of Transmutation!

Master Ardamiron

“Archwizard of Transmutation”

This half-elf is far older than he looks, but that is a personal choice of the archwizard’s. He has sharp features that clearly mark him as a half-elf, with sharp pointy ears and a small trimmed beard. Ardamiron likes to take care of his looks.

The archwizard is always well-dressed in lavishly decorated robes with golden arcane marks on the sleeves. In fact, most of his clothes is enchanted by spells.

Ardamiron came from Ossindil, where he grew up in the care of his elven mother, Lady Elssane. He was always curious about the world and kept asking amazing and difficult questions, even some that his mother had no answers for. She was, afterall, a courtier and not a wizard. Ardamiron was a wizard, even though it would take many years before he fully understood this fact.

Ardamiron made his first trip to Mor Aldenn in the company of his master and friend, Thelbeck Room, a human wizard and merchant. Here he found he first signs of his human heritage, as his human father had studied at the Tower of All-Magic. But that was years ago, and sadly, his father had long since passed away of old age. Ardamiron swore that he would return, a master, and follow in his father’s footsteps. This he did ten years after first arriving in Mor Aldenn.

He quickly became a master of transmutation, but was destined to archieve an even greater honor. It took him only five years to become the Archwizard of Transmutation, but at this time he had proven himself worthy time upon time.

Master Ardamiron has lots of friends in the city of mages, and not all of them mages. He often dine with Sir Valthor, preferably at the Wizard’s Staff, but has also been known to frequent the Ugly Harpy at times. The wizard has a great curiosity and believes that magic should be studied in its natural surroundings and not in a small dark room filled with bottles, herbs and strange runes.

Art by Justin Hernandez (

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