Here’s a complete update on the Mor Aldenn project!

A Guide to Mor Aldenn: The first draft of this small pdf is available, just drop me an email, or a comment here (with your email). Its still lacking a few things of importance, like several shops to make the city useful, a few important NPCs, a section on the history of the city, a short timeline and several pages of character creation notes (along with a few feats and some spells for the mages). The guide also needs some artwork.

A Trail of Poison (A Mor Aldenn adventure): This will be the very first Mor Aldenn adventure, and its come along nicely. I need to write the last part, and then update the statistics when the Pathfinder RPG comes out in August. I also need a few more illustrations.

Thieves in the Barrowdelve (A Mor Aldenn adventure): This will, probably be the second Mor Aldenn adventure, and I have yet to start writing the adventure. All I have so far is the synopsis and a short introduction. This adventure needs artwork as well.

The Mor Aldenn map: Done, completely. I even have several versions, which is very nice.

Cover artwork: I just hired a talented artist to do three covers for the three books above. He will remain unknown, until I have approved his sketches. However, I’m very confident in his abilities.

Playtesting: I’m still thinking about playtesting the setting and especially, the first adventure. However, my group is currently touring the streets of Ptolus, and that game is just too good to give up! That leaves the possibility of a pbp game…

Cartography for A Trail of Poison: Jonathan Roberts have agreed to create the first adventure map, and I’m very excited about that. Also, I think I’ve settled on how the tower is going to look, finally, and Jon if you are reading this… I’ll send you a new sketch once we hit june! 🙂

The Design Blog: Material on the Design Blog has been nonxistent for at least a month, but I will pick up the pace once School slows down. 

Thats it for now… thanks for checking in!

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2 Comments on “Update!”

  1. Sigurd Says:

    First Post!

    Congratulations on the PDFs. I’d love to get a look at them. I appreciate getting a chance to watch your creative process.


  2. cityofmages Says:

    Email sent!

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