The First Adventure…

Which of the following ideas would you like to see developed into the very first adventure of Mor Aldenn?


The Heirloom from the Delve

One day, an heirloom turns up in Mor Aldenn, seemingly by accident. It was supposed to be buried deep within the Barrowdelve, but is someone looting the necropolis of the city of mages? And like that wasn’t bad enough… this heirloom appears to be cursed!


The Spy

An old and weak woman dies one day, a brutal death by the hands of some vicious and unknown creature. The necromancers of the Shadow Tower bring back her soul briefly, to ask her a few questions. It seems that she know the identity of one of the night hag’s many spies… but when she tries to utter the name, the spell is broken! Can the PCs find the murderous creature and possibly…the spy?


The Strange Death

A local druid returns to Mor Aldenn, bearing terrible news. He has found several magical beasts in the surrounding forest, dead. It appears that they have been somehow… poisoned! When the PCs investigate the poisonous trail, they find a dying unicorn who knows some of the truth, but before the creature can tell them everything it knows, they are attacked by the cruel minions of the night hag…


Luck in the Woods

A wizard from the Tower of All-Magic needs the PCs to catch a blink dog. They are (under no circumstances!) to kill the beast or make it suffer, he wants it (mostly) unharmed and alive. However, while looking for this beast in the forest, the PCs come across a group of half-elves and human rogues who catch (dead or alive) magical beasts! The small group hope to sell the beasts to a nameless buyer in one of the western settlements… but will the PCs allow this?


The Theft

Something is stolen from the PCs, an item of value and importance. A little investigation leads to… nothing. However, a few days later, the PCs learn from a shadow in the night, that a caravan is transporting stolen goods south. Will the PCs be able to track down the caravan, find the thieves and perhaps learn the identity of their shadow ally? In fact, if the PCs play their cards right, they may uncover a whole organization of thieves…


The Demon’s Cult

An imp, a prophet who has terrible nightmares, a Fallen tower, a young cult and the deomn they worships and who wish to be free of its prison. Will the PCs be able to hunt down the cultists, stop their scheme and perhaps learn secrets of the Fallen Tower’s single inhabitant… or will the cultists unleash a fury upon the city unlike any Mor Aldenn has ever seen? 


Remember that these are just ideas, and will definitely change (somewhat) before the adventure is finished!

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5 Comments on “The First Adventure…”

  1. Sigurd Says:

    I like ‘luck in the woods’. It’s concrete and I can see it. It begs the question are they ‘poachers’ that much better than the PCs.

  2. Eldric IV Says:

    I like the Heirloom the best because the PCs have to choose between investigating the presumed graverobbers or dealing with the cursed item.

  3. cityofmages Says:

    Thanks guys, I can’t really say that I (personally) have a favorite, they all appeal to me in different ways, but I can definitely see your points.

    This poll is running on other sites as well, and I seems that there the Demon’s Cult is a favorite choice, mostly because of its epic proportions, but I’m beginning to think that that adventure would be better for higher-level characters, say 10-13.

    • Sigurd Says:

      Prophesy is best handled very carefully in RPGs. I’d introduce the profit early and throw out a couple of prophesies. See if you can fulfill a prophesy without much fanfare and mess with their minds.

      The conclusion probably is best as a higher level adventure.

      I like the ‘luck in the woods’ because you have an excuse to show off the setting a bit and introduce non city social groups for a little perspective. The poachers and\or some of the groups the NPCs meet might have reason to hate the city for its excess or pollution or just its density of people. You have some latitude to tell your story from another angle.

      – Sigurd

      • cityofmages Says:

        I know, but these prophesies are concerned with events that aren’t directly in the PCs control. Also, they are going to be very obscure and hard to make sense of.

        Yeah, I definitely want to show off the setting with this first small adventure, but also to have some threads hanging, leading to other possible adventures later on. But the way I see it, all these adventure ideas show off verious parts of the setting.

        One thing that I’m absolutely sure of, is, that I dont want it to be just about magic and the mages… I want it to be about defending Mor Aldenn, even if its in some small and obscure way.

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