Need help…with the gods!

I was writing a bit about the various core classes (as you can see to your right) and came to the clerics…

In my last project, Crown, I bypassed the gods (and clerics) completely, so its been a while since I played around with the gods. I’ve been trying to come up with some cool names for a few gods, but oddly enough… haven’t been able to.

Its not like I’m greedy or something, I just want a few cool god names… but my mind is totally blocked off from the gods… weird!

So, I’d like some help here… please! 🙂

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5 Comments on “Need help…with the gods!”

  1. Sigurd Says:

    Nadvoss – god of thieves

    Arnique Aln – lesser goddess of mercy – a human that achieved godhood.

    Gruk Al – dwarf god of faith and family

    Essalnia – goddess of the empty alter – she who consumes intellect and steals fame.

    Wor-Nal-Nabna – The monkey god – god of underdogs and non humans.

    Viss – neuter – Demigod, servant of fate – sent to correct those who have escaped Fates Plan. Viss was an angry spouse who gave everything to avenge the death of his\her loved one who shouldn’t have died. Rumors of Viss’s actual gender are many.

    Akba Natore of the Mountain Hoard. God of giants, whose soldiers sleep in the dark and secret places of the world. Akba is a blind god that can see through the eyes of his priests.

    Swish – god of wealth :).

    Faen-nal – the wanderer – a fey spirit that reached godhood through the worship of druids and forest dwellers long ago. She is the dear or the she bear or the summer storm.

    Anav Agra – goddess of crops and harvest.

    Hsubegroeg – god of Torture, demon of secrecy and corruption. (read backwards)

    • Sigurd Says:

      Hsurn – Hsurnerites – A movement by elitist spellcasters that believe magic alone is the true defining force of race and culture. A city diviner has more in common with a barbarian shaman than a local street vendor. Further, Hsurnerite ‘New Worlders’ hold that no other philosophy should mar the coming of the new world where magic is universal (because all non magicians are destroyed or inconsequential). All non magic creatures and peoples are expendable in the service of this great cause. Necromancy, blood sacrifice, enslavement etc… are all justified so long as they increase the understanding and spread of magic the ‘true tie’.

      Hsurn is\was a very powerful wizard\demon\godling – depending on who you listen to. His spellbook is banned in genteel circles for its barbaric ways. His monograms on “the Sense of the Nonsensical” and “The Brave Way” are very influential. They argue for the power of Chaos and Blood Rights.

      In common use, an alchemical process that distills magic essence from sacrificed creatures or humanoids is called ‘an Hsurning’. Black market potions are said to be more powerful as Hsurned variants.

      His biggest detractor, Blathnor Dalgueed, has demonstrated that Hsurn’s magical successes are more from astrological conjunctions than his barbaric practices. Blathnor Dalgueed, is a gnome astronomer in Mor Alden.

      • Sigurd Says:

        Hsurned potions can lead to a necrosis of the drinkers flesh when some element of the sacrifice’s death propagates itself in the drinker.

  2. Sigurd Says:

    This is a good site for random name generators – and many other random generators too.

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