Nolly Ravenheart

An old hunched woman walks down the dirt road towards Mor Aldenn. She carries a weird staff with a head the shape of a funny-looking raven, yet does not use the staff as such. Her raven black hair hides most of her face, a worn face that have seen more years than most humans in the city of mages.

Nolly Ravenheart (female human, druid13) is a druid and healer known by most moraldenns. She lives a seemingly quiet life in Mor Aldenn, but those who know her even better also knows that she frequently leaves the city. Nolly is a good person, or rather, she was a good person. How she came to be a member of the night hag’s secret coven is a story that only she and her mistress know, but it may be related to the death of her husband, Alwis the Mage.

When Nolly leaves Mor Aldenn, she takes the shape of a raven and flies towards the Spindlewood Marshes, to see her mistress. She is a spy within the city of mages, who frequently makes reports to the night hag.

Another well-kept secret concerns the dark curse in the Barrowdelve. Nolly Ravenheart hid an artifact deep within the ancient vaults, an artifact that awaken the dead to unlife each night.

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2 Comments on “Nolly Ravenheart”

  1. Sigurd Says:

    Perhaps the only ones who have misgivings about Nolly are the very weak and disregarded. Children and the very old that Nolly used to visit with a smile in her eyes. Now she visits only grudgingly or not at all.

    Some of the smarter children, who nolly once taught about herbs and feathers, have noticed but have been too shy to come forward. Who to tell that will believe them?

  2. cityofmages Says:

    Hey, thats a great idea!

    They may have a feeling that something is wrong, but most of them just believe that its because she lost her husband… there may be some, though, who know a little more, a couple of street urchins who decided to spy on the Ol’ Raven, hearing her share dark thoughts with a strange creature…

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