Map Sketch #1

#2 Map of Mor Aldenn (details)

#2 Map of Mor Aldenn (details)

Mor Aldenn
Mor Aldenn

Here are the first of my sketches for the city map. Its not actually the first one I made, more like the 4th or even 5th sketch, but its the first one that I have posted here. I’m quite proud of this map and its been hard work making it.



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7 Comments on “Map Sketch #1”

  1. Sigurd Says:

    Looks very pretty!

    Lots of detail to explore, elevations, and water to join other areas.

    Any chance of a larger version?

    • cityofmages Says:

      Not sure if this is a larger version, might be, anyways, its the original scan;

      I’m pretty happy with it, now I just can’t wait to see “my” cartographer play around with it.

  2. Sigurd Says:

    If Ed is going to do a version of this I’ll wait with baited breath!

    This is something I played with tonight. I’ll offer it before your cartographer makes it look sick :).

  3. cityofmages Says:

    This actually looks quite good! 🙂

    Just a few comments, the circles on Tower Hill is actually two mage towers, the Tower of Shadows to the left, and the Tower of Abjuration to the right, surrounded by the standing stones. Also, the Lonely Tower is on the other small island south of the main island.

    Unfortunately, Ed isn’t going to play around with it, I asked him if he had the time, but sadly no, between his work with Privateer Press, Monte Cook and his own company, Skeleton Key Games, he was quite busy.

    The cartographer will be William McAusland, a black and white map with lots of small details, a map of the surrounding lands in the upper right corner and, hopefully, with a pretty cool sideview image of the city.

  4. Sigurd Says:

    What is the object east of the twin bridges off the central island?

    • Sigurd Says:

      It looks like a squiggle or a label inside of a circle.

      Also is all the green around the city forest or is it swamp?


  5. cityofmages Says:

    Its supposed to be a marketplace in front of and on the bridges. Yeah, I make a circle and wrote “Market” inside it.

    The city is located inside a huge forest realm called Ossindrillon, so most of it is forest, however, a large part of the forest (to the west) is also a marsh, called the Spindlewood Marshes.

    I hope that answered your questions.

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